Spa treatments offer

The return to Aristocratic Beauty in the Masurian Kaliszki Manor. We invite you to Spa & Wellness in the Kaliszki Manor. A qualified service will be waiting for you to tell you how to make your stay in the Manor more pleasant and will take care of your well-being. Keep the beauty of your body with the help of the Spa & Wellness treatments.



A classic massage based on oils

Duration of massage of the whole body: 55 minutes,

Duration of massage of a part of the body: 30 minutes,

Relaxing massage with aroma therapy elements

Duration of massage of the whole body: 55 minutes,

An oriental massage with a candle – relaxation and aroma therapy

Duration of massage of a part of the body: 40 minutes,

Ask reception staff for current treatments offer !

Medical treatments

Massage dry overall – 45 min
– Stimulating or calming effect on the nervous system;
– Analgesics;
– Strengthening muscles and improving muscle mass;
– Improving blood circulation; – Firming the skin;
– Increase the mobility of joints;
– Increasing metabolism;
– Improvement of respiratory function, the stomach, intestines
– Diseases of the spine;
– Contracture;
– Muscular atrophy;
– Neuralgia;
– Paralysis and paresis – and degenerative rheumatic diseases;
– Peripheral circulatory failure;
– Asthma;
– Post-traumatic – neurosis;
– Obesity;
– States of convalescence and exhaustion;
– General fatigue


Bathing in a sauna is a therapy with hot air. The skin temperature rises to 40 degrees so that dilate the vessel under the skin. Following increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, so that the lungs are ventilated. For a healthy man all these changes are very beneficial. Sauna stimulates circulation, regulates blood pressure, purifies the body of toxins, nourishes and cleanses the skin, strengthens the immune system. Helps in the treatment of rheumatism, respiratory tract, improves metabolism, relaxes muscles, relieves tension giving a feeling of lightness, complete relaxation.


Hydro massage in the jacuzzi is relaxing, prophylaxis and therapy in one. The right combination of water and air restores the body with energy and beautiful appearance. We offer the following types of baths:

BUBBLE BATH – consists in bringing into the water heated air supplied by a blower. Millions of air bubbles come from the perforated bottom of the bathtub, massaging the body actively of taking a bath person. Operation of bubble bath can be compared to a mild irritation of a micro-massage, which is the general effect of relaxing the nervous system.

WHIRLPOOL BATH – a mixture of water and millions of small air bubbles coming out at high pressure with adjustable nozzles hitting the surface of the body. This results in a strengthening, toning and relaxation of the skin.


In a quiet part of the park, our guests can relax at the outdoor pool. Intimacy and privacy, surroundings of nature, the sounds of birds make the swimming in the Manor’s pool perfect complement to your rest and relaxation.